Our Business

We specialise at wood processing technology. Holding over 100 registered patents, the Company has a leading position in the innovation of wood modification and eco-friendly technologies. Via advanced wood processing technologies, the Company provide one-stop services on home building materials, leisure furniture and tourism facilities to over 35 countries and regions.

Our products are the combination of our pioneering wood modification technologies together with innovative product designs, serving the demand on leisure lifestyle from tourism industry (such as tourist attractions, rural tourism and leisure facilities etc.) as well as the community. We bring the community an ecological and environmentally-friendly leisure lifestyle.

Timber houses and related parts and structures

Our timber houses are used and installed at leisure resort clubs, tourist scenic spots and parks. We tailor-make the timber villas based on our customers' requirements and our designs are then sent to qualified design institutions for their approval prior to commencing production. We then deliver our products in parts and arrange our staff to provide on-site installation advice to our customers or third party contractors arranged either through our customers or by us.

We also produce non-residential timber sheds for leisure or storage purposes including pavilions and gazebos, etc.

Apart from our timber houses products, we also sell timber logs which are processed with drying, coating, polishing and/or anti-corrosive treatment.

Recreational products

The recreational products focus on children's recreational and leisure activities, such as play swings, children's sand tables and outdoor rocking chairs. The recreational products are used in public parks and private gardens and courtyards, the design of which possess multi-functional characteristics.

Outdoor and indoor furniture

The outdoor and indoor furniture includes patio furniture such as tables and chairs for outdoors use, as well as indoor furniture that includes beds and cabinets. Our range of furniture are designed to complement our other timber-made products such as landscape garden products, which is part of our strategy of reflecting a leisure lifestyle-brand.

Landscape garden products

The landscape garden products are designed for use in both public and private outdoor areas such as gardens, scenic spots, courtyards and parks. The products under this category vary in nature and size. They include flower carts, railings and litter bins.

Pet-home designs

We produce a variety of pet-home designs each with their own unique designs. We can also custom-build these products to our customer's specifications upon request. Some of our products in this category include bird houses, dog homes and playhouses, rabbit hutches and hamster cages, etc.

Trading of timber

As one of the largest wooden products manufacturers in China, we import timbers from over 30 countries worldwide and trad with trading partners and other manufacturers within the industry in China.

Renewable energy products

Our renewable energy business recycles the residue materials generated from our existing production facilities during the production process and convert them into biomass pellet fuel.

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